jueves, 28 de mayo de 2009

All Halows Eve

Toma juego de Zombies que he encontrado por ahí. Está wapo XD. Concéntrate en eliminar los minizombies que gritan "Brains" and "Hungry". Mejora tu puntería.

EDITADO 11/08/14
Recibo un mail diciéndome que elimine los links, así que aquí dejo el mail y elimino los links al juego.

We hope this finds you well. We've attempted to connect with you multiple times and have not heard back. We must address our link profile ASAP. Please remove the following links within 4 business days. According to GWT there was multiple links point to our site from different pages of your blog i hope you remove them all i listed some of them below:

Link Point to our domain:  Juegosfan.com

In four days, we will check back to see if they've been removed. If they have - thank you! We really appreciate it.  If they haven’t, we will be forced to submit your site link to Google’s Disavow tool. We apologize in advance, but we must resolve these links as soon as possible and we have not heard back from you. We hope to resolve this without using the Disavow tool.

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